Peanut Butter 1 kg Creamy Natural UNSWEETEND

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  • ULTIMATE WHEY PROTEIN BOOST: As a protein packed snack, it makes a great choice for gym goers and people wo are out on the goh. This delicious, creamy peanut butter will give you all the flavour without any of the hassle. Perfect for anything you put on bread, crackers or toast (or dig straight into with a spoon).
  • MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTH WITH THIS PRESERVATIVE-FREE PEANUT BUTTER: Made from hand-picked roasted peanuts, it is an excellent source of healthy fats. Presented in a convenient jar, this peanut butter from Nutty helps you to indulge without any worries. the creamy texture, sweet flavor, and crunchy peanuts makes it incredibly delicious and a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.
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    If happiness could be caught in a jar it would definitely be Nutty’s peanut butter for me creamy, delicious and good for the heart.


    They are Yummy! The Chocolate Peanut Butter is my all time favourite and I can binge without guilt.

    TV Anchor & Journalist

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